Android 4.4 Browser Picker
Nov 20, 2013
1 minute read

The “Browser Picker” dialog I discussed last year has been reworked in Android 4.4, and I like the new design. The implementation in versions 4.1 - 4.3 was a speed bump for users who didn’t wish to select a default app - they had to tap twice:

4.1 browser picker

Here’s the new dialog:

initial view of 4.4 picker

The appearance and behavior are similar the first time you use it. As in prior versions, either tap the browser followed by ‘Just Once’ or double-tap the browser:

4.4 picker flow 1

The important change in Android 4.4 is that the dialog now has state. It remembers your selection! The second time you’re presented with the dialog, you need only tap once:

4.4 picker flow 2